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Not content with just giving its customers’ windows a makeover, Ventrolla has now given its own website a little makeover too.

The website is already packed full of images and information about renovating and performance upgrading existing sash and casement windows, but now it also showcases its brand new products – double glazed sashes and replacement timber doors.


Ventrolla’s introduction of double glazed sashes to their window renovation service enables customer desires for increased energy efficiency to be met, whilst their new, bespoke replacement timber door range allows customers to add a personal touch to their period property.

As per Ventrolla’s core service – repairing and draughtproofing existing single glazed sash and casement windows – these two new additions help to improve a period property without compromise to its character or charm.

If you’ve been inspired by the prospect of warmer windows and lower energy bills, or of adding a fresh, personal look to your period property, click on the following links or call 0800 0277 454 for further information.

Double Glazed sashes - http://www.ventrolla.co.uk/services/double_glazing_solutions/double_glazed_sash_windows/

New Timber Doors - http://www.ventrolla.co.uk/doors_by_ventrolla/new_timber_doors/