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RIBA has introduced a new CPD Core Curriculum structure and Ventrolla is proud to be a part of it, continuing to offer RIBA members double points.

RIBA-CPD Core Cirriculum

RIBA members will be pleased to discover that the previously more complicated CPD structure has been simplified following suggestions from members. The 31 sections have now been reduced to ten key topics, ranging from health and safety to sustainability.

Ventrolla offer three FREE CPDs, all approved by RIBA and forming part of the Core Curriculum. Each outlines the benefits of window renovation over replacement and all are worth double points.

The Ventrolla CPDs fall under two of the ten categories including “7 – Designing and building it: structural design, construction, technology and engineering” and “5 – Compliance: legal, regulatory and statutory framework and processes”.

The Core Curriculum structure is released this month (September 2011), giving members a year to prepare before it becomes mandatory in September 2012. It requires members to undertake at least two hours of study from each topic per year. In total, RIBA members will have to do 35 hours of CPD per year and 19.5 hours of this must be with a Core Curriculum CPD provider like Ventrolla.

To book your RIBA approved Core Curriculum Ventrolla CPD worth double points, call 0800 0277 454 or visit the website to complete the online contact form.