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It’s that time of year again, when we all rush to the shops to buy chocolates, champagne and flowers to impress that special person on Valentine’s Day.

But have you ever thought of spreading your love to other parts of your life?

Pamper those windows with VLC

Ventrolla offer a particularly loving service for sash windows.

Decaying timber, sticking windows and broken cords are just some of the issues sash windows may experience at some stage in their life if they are left unloved.

So, Valentine’s Day is a great time to think about investing in some Ventrolla Loving Care (VLC).

Renovation specialists Ventrolla start by removing the sash units from the window frame to assess the level of damage to the woodwork. Any decaying timber is carefully routed out, new timber will be spliced into damaged areas, and cavities are filled with a special epoxy resin.

The sashes are then re-weighed and balanced to ensure smooth operation.

To complete the renovation process, Ventrolla’s Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) is installed, which eliminates draughts and rattles – increasing your comfort levels.

And, because no replacement is involved, the period charm and beauty of the original windows will be preserved.

Not only will the sash windows be brought back to their former glory, but they will be more energy efficient, with a 30% improved window energy rating – spreading the love to the environment too. A perfect pamper package for your home’s timber windows.

So, as you give your loved one some TLC this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to give your windows the VLC treatment…