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19th century Golcar Vicarage

19th century Golcar Vicarage

The sodden sash windows at Golcar Vicarage have been urgently replaced by period window specialist Ventrolla.

The property, occupied by the local vicar and his wife, sits within the grounds of the Golcar parish, West Yorkshire. Following an inspection of the late 19th century building the windows were deemed too rotten for repair.

Read the full case study here.


Ho Ho Ho. Yes it’s that time of year again where we’ll be joining the family, eating and drinking to our hearts content whilst singing along to cheesy Christmas songs.

As the big day approaches you want to ensure that you can enjoy the festive season in the warmth and comfort of your own home – especially as Lakeland’s recent survey found that 70% of us will be staying put this Christmas.

The last thing you want is Granny settling down to watch the Queen’s speech with the sound of rattling sash windows interrupting.

Or draughts that blow through the living room as you’re settling down in front of the TV for a Christmas film.

The culprits of these uncomfortable conditions are more often than not timber sash windows or doors.

Here are three quick fix tips Ventrolla has pulled together to help you combat these problems in the short term;

  • Install self-adhesive foam strips between the window and the frame to fill any gaps
  • Cover up the key holes and letterboxes with cardboard, with a Christmas wrapping lining
  • Use draft excluders for every door. If you don’t have time to go out and buy one, why not stuff a pair of tights with newspaper or stocks

But remember, these are only temporary measures. For a sustainable solution for 2013, Ventrolla advises that you get a renovation expert to take a look at your sash windows and doors. They will then be able to assess the level of repair required and advise you on the work needed to renovate and upgrade their performance.

So to make sure Jack Frost isn’t nipping at your nose next year, get in touch with Ventrolla in the New Year for a FREE no-obligation survey on 0800 0277 454 or click www.ventrolla.co.uk.

And above all, have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year from everyone at Ventrolla.


London 2012 OlympicsWith London 2012 kicking off in the capital tonight, thousands will be cheering on their home teams and enjoying this amazing sporting event from the comfort of their own homes.

Just imagine the annoyance then, if you are sitting back enjoying a cup of tea, marvelling the incredible abilities of the athletes when your viewing is disrupted by rattling, draughty sash windows.

Never fear, you can be the first out of the blocks with Ventrolla’s help. The sash renovation experts offer a sash window renovation and performance upgrade service, using it’s unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS).

Just like athletes, this service is all about performance and guarantees to eliminate draughts and rattles. It can also help improve with noise problems associated with sash windows or casement windows ensuring a peaceful environment, perfect for quality Olympic viewing.

Firstly, to renovate the sash window the decaying timber within the frames is removed and epoxy resin, VR90, is used to fill the cavity, this is then moulded to match the original profile of the window. To make sure the sash windows run that extra mile, Ventrolla also service the pulleys and sash cords to ensure smooth operation of the sash windows and to maximise performance. Secondly, the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) is installed, eradicating those annoying rattles and draughts, thus completing the performance upgrade.

So if you are looking for some true Olympian windows whilst waving the flag for Team GB, go for gold! A simple sash window renovation and performance upgrade service with Ventrolla could be just what you need.

Read more about the Ventrolla services - http://www.ventrolla.co.uk/

Take a detailed look at the Techincal Specification of our Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) – http://www.ventrolla.co.uk/services/technical_information/perimeter_sealing_system/

Check out more about the London 2012 Olympics - http://www.london2012.com/


Doug Tooth's Retirement PartyAll at Ventrolla wished a fond farewell to colleague Doug Tooth last week, as he embarked on his retirement. 

Doug, Warehouse Manager at Ventrolla Central Office in Harrogate, has been with the sash window renovation specialist for 20 years. His role involved managing material stock levels and delivery schedules to all the office locations and project sites.

To celebrate his long service, the Ventrolla team treated Doug and the Central Office team to a Thai night out, with food and drink at Sukothai in Harrogate.

David Greaves, Managing Director of Ventrolla, said: “Doug has been an integral part of the company for many years and we’ll be sorry to see him go.”

“We’re extremely grateful for his dedication and loyalty over the years and wish him a happy retirement.”

As a keen golfer, Doug is looking to spend most of his free time on the green. With this in mind, Ventrolla gave him parting gifts from all the team comprising of golf lessons and new golf equipment.

All the best Doug!

Read more about the Ventrolla services herehttp://www.ventrolla.co.uk/


Not being able to sleep can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’ve paid to stay in a luxurious B&B. It’s even more frustrating when it’s not your fault you can’t sleep; it’s down to a draughty sash window!

That’s exactly what happened in the recent episode of ‘Four in a Bed’. Aired on More4, the programme sees four B&B owners take it in turns to stay a night at each other’s establishments and mark them out of ten. In series 2, episode 14 we meet Annette, proud owner of Hazelwood Farm, a beautiful B&B of the upmost quality and luxury bar one minor detail – those troublesome sash windows. And it’s for this reason she loses the competition!

When fellow B&B owners, Peter and Sharon, enter their room at Hazelwood Farm, Peter is most putout to find that the seemingly charming sash window is too stiff to open or shut freely. He complains “the windows are dangerous in this room”, with his wife nodding in agreement asserting “they are a fire hazard”.

But the drama didn’t end there. After being interviewed the next morning on how they slept, the response from Peter was “my night was completely and absolutely ruined”. The reason for his disturbed night is anything but romantic. Peter continues to explain how the wind “howled” through the gaps of the sash window. The couple agree to award Hazelwood farm a disappointing score out of 10 for their nights rest, and one that mirrors the number of hours sleep they managed to get that night: a mere 3.

If Annette had tackled this issue earlier, it wouldn’t have made her guests stay so uncomfortable.

A simple renovation and upgrade is all the window needs to resolve the issue, a service sash window experts Ventrolla specialise in. The unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System tackles draughts and rattles by sealing all gaps around the sashes whilst still allowing for smooth operation.

With over 25 years experience, Ventrolla’s portfolio of work includes a variety of B&B’s that have received the restoration treatment from the experts, including Jerichos at the Waverley in Windermere (pictured right) and Tosson Tower Farm in Rothbury, Northumberland. Both projects included the renovation of timber sash windows to improve their general state and the comfort of the guests.

Chris Blaydes, Proprietor and Head Chef for Jerichos said: “Although the sash windows were in good condition, the gap around the frame caused draughts and rattles. It is not acceptable to have guests staying in rooms with noisy windows.

I am very happy with the completed work. The sash windows no longer rattle and I can’t wait to see the difference the newly sealed windows have made in reducing heat loss when the winter comes.

The work was carried out while guests were staying in the bed and breakfast, but Ventrolla completed the restoration project with limited disruption.”

In addition, John Foggin of Tosson Tower Farm said: “Having our timber windows renovated by Ventrolla has made such a difference. We can now open all the top and bottom windows in the guest bedrooms. My wife, Ann, has noticed such a difference as she can fully open the windows as she cleans the rooms and they get plenty of fresh air between guest bookings.”

So, following Annette’s missed window of opportunity to clinch the ‘Four in a Bed’ title, Ventrolla is encouraging all B&B owners to learn from her experience and take on those sash windows!

Read more about the Ventrolla sash and casement window renovation service - http://www.ventrolla.co.uk/

Take a look at Ventrolla’s latest case studies - http://www.ventrolla.co.uk/about/case_studies/

See Annette’s episode of “Four in a Bed” on Channel 4http://www.channel4.com/programmes/four-in-a-bed/4od#3278914


noise action weekHear! Hear! It’s Noise Action Week across the UK and Ventrolla is here to (quietly) sing its praises.

Noise Action Week is aimed to raise awareness of the negative impact that excessive noise can have on individuals and communities, and so it seems the perfect time to mention how Ventrolla’s services can reduce the external noises that may impinge on the peace and privacy of a period home.

If you’re fed up of those noisy neighbours, the hum of traffic, the screeches and scurries of boisterous wildlife, the howling winds or the rattles ringing from your sash windows, listen to this… The services that Ventrolla provide could improve the soundproofing of your windows.
Should you have gaps causing rattles and draughts around your existing sash windows, our unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) can be installed to provide a weather seal. As well as eliminating draughts and rattles it also, as an added benefit, reduces environmental noise.

Ventrolla Noise Reduction Comparison Tests

Ventrolla Noise Reduction Comparison Tests

To explain – sliding sash windows normally require at least a 3mm gap around the sashes in order to slide past each other properly. In an average sized window of 1.2m x 1.8m, the aggregate gap area would be 15cm x 15cm, amounting to 1% of the total area of the window. The Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) eliminates this air gap and, under live tests, achieved a noise reduction in the 6 – 10dB range, which in acoustic terms is deemed ‘significant’.

However, whilst VPSS can provide a positive impact on noise reduction, this should be viewed as an added benefit rather than as a solution to external noise. For such problems, secondary glazing should be considered, which you’ll be pleased to know Ventrolla can also help with.

By installing secondary glazing to sit in front of your primary window internally, you can achieve a much better reduction in noise.

Recent Ventrolla customers have also commented on the sound reduction benefits of their renovated windows.

Mr Pearson of Chapel House in Ormskirk, Lancashire, said: “The timber itself was generally in pretty good condition, but we couldn’t open many of the sash windows because they had been painted shut. Ventrolla was able to free up the mechanisms and then draught proof the sash windows effectively in order to reduce the amount of external noise. The house is near a main road and since the repairs we hardly notice any traffic noise at all.”

These sentiments were also echoed by Wayne Bass, Building Manager for Coleherne Court Maintenance Fund in South West London: “Our priority in all we do is maintaining the original features of the buildings. Ventrolla gave us the perfect solution when it came to updating our sash windows and we have noticed a definite reduction in noise and draughts.”

The action against noise begins at home. If your sash windows are keeping you up at night don’t just lie in bed and grumble. Take action against noise and make use of Ventrolla’s free, no obligation survey and quotation- it could be your solution to a quieter life.

Read more about noise reduction with the Ventrolla system http://www.ventrolla.co.uk/services/technical_information/noise_reduction/

Find out more about the Ventrolla sash window renovation service http://www.ventrolla.co.uk/services/

Contact Ventrolla for your free, no-obligation survey and quotation http://www.ventrolla.co.uk/contact/



Ventrolla joins Historypin

Ventrolla joins Historypin

Ventrolla is contributing small pieces of history to Britain’s heritage after signing up to the new interactive ‘map through time’ and image archive, Historypin

With over 5 million visitors from 181 countries and 80,000 ‘pins’ added so far, this exciting new social media channel allows users to pin photos, videos, audio and stories from as far back as 1840 to the present day. 

By contributing to the archive, Ventrolla will now be able to share some of its favourite images of listed and historic buildings whose sash windows have been renovated and preserved by the experts themselves. 

Across both the UK and Ireland, some of Ventrolla’s recent and prestigious projects are now recorded on Historypin, including major historic buildings such as The Port of Liverpool Building, Newton Abbot Town Hall and Museum and Central Newcastle High School

Alan Bell, Sales & Marketing Director for Ventrolla, said: “Historypin is a fantastic website creating snapshots of time, and we felt that Ventrolla had an important part to play in contributing to that. We work on beautiful listed and historic buildings daily, renovating their period timber windows and generally helping to preserve the look and feel of our built heritage. Sharing what we do with others on Historypin is something we look forward to doing more of.” 

Organisations such as English Heritage, US National Archives and the Imperial War Museums have also signed up to share their archived information, so take a look at Ventrolla’s contributions to Historypin – more are being added every day.

See the Historypin map – http://www.historypin.com/map/#!/geo:51.40192,-0.0146/zoom:7/

View Ventrolla’s profile and projects on Historypin – http://www.historypin.com/channels/view/10497144/#/home

Take a look at Ventrolla’s recent sash window case studies – http://www.ventrolla.co.uk/about/case_studies/


Save our sash windows! By VentrollaIn last months Budget announcement, it was proposed to dispose of the zero VAT rate for listed properties as from October 2012 – increasing the cost of development and maintenance in listed buildings and putting the future of our listed heritage at risk – and thus their timber sash windows!

In outrage, The Heritage Alliance have launched their “NO Campaign” and are urging people to sign up to the online government petition to show your support!

Read more about the changes and Ventrolla’s stance on our website.

Ventrolla sash window renovation servicehttp://www.ventrolla.co.uk/services/

Ventrollas News & Press - http://www.ventrolla.co.uk/about/press_release/


Due to popular demand Ventrolla have decided to extend the current two years’ interest free credit offer currently running on their website. This offer enables customers to spread the cost of their sash window renovation, door renovation or new timber doors over 24 monthly direct debit instalments, making payment much more manageable.

Timber sash windows and casement windows are a common feature in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes across the UK, but usually come with draught and rattle problems causing discomfort for homeowners. General maintenance of older homes can be costly, but retaining period features, such as sash windows, is a must in order to preserve their original character and charm.

This is where Ventrolla can help!

As an alternative to unnecessary and costly replacement, Ventrolla offer a two-part renovation and draught proofing service for timber sash windows, casement windows and doors. Firstly, the window is renovated to get it operating correctly and any rotten timber is located and removed or replaced. Secondly, the window is performance upgraded by installing the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS), a unique draught proofing system that improves the energy efficiency of period timber windows.

In addition to their draught proofing system, Ventrolla now also offer slim double glazing options and new period-style timber doors.

To take advantage of the interest free offer, orders must be placed by 4.30pm on Friday 30th March 2012, so call 0800 0277 454 to book a free, no-obligation survey and quotation now! Alternatively, the online contact form can be completed. 

Ventrolla payment optionhttp://www.ventrolla.co.uk/services/finance/ 

Ventrolla sash window renovation servicehttp://www.ventrolla.co.uk/services/


As the market leader and nationwide timber window renovation specialist, Ventrolla are strong believers in restoration over replacement and are sending out an SOS – Save Our Sashes!

Save our Sash Windows

There are many reasons why we should keep sash windows – as both industry experts and savvy homeowners are well aware.

Sash windows have been, and continue to be, a key architectural element of any building, adding character and charm to properties since the seventeenth century. Maintaining these features retains our built heritage, something that us Britons are extremely proud of and renowned for around the world.

However, preserving history is not the only reason for wanting to retain period timber sash windows, there are many practical ones too.

Firstly, it’s environmentally friendly. Replacing a sash window with uPVC has a huge impact on the environment, with the whole life and manufacturing cost having a payback period of over 80 years. Not to mention, disposing the product at the end of its life means sending it to landfill. In fact, renovation uses 1/40th of the energy of replacement because you are retaining the invested energy from the original manufacturing process.

Secondly, they can be upgraded to modern energy efficiency standards with a high performing weather seal such as the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS). There is no need to buy new windows to retain heat because the VPSS tackles the draughts, sealing all gaps surrounding the windows helping to keep the warmth in, the cold out and your heating bills down.

And thirdly, renovated sash windows can add value to your property. A report carried out by Arad Consulting and Cardiff Business School, and championed by English Heritage, consulted Estate Agents who said they are more likely to place a premium on heritage features in housing and therefore expect properties with these features to fetch a higher market price.

So, should these plus points appeal to you, then starting with a free, no-obligation window condition report from Ventrolla is recommended to get your windows up to scratch. The priority is to keep as much of the original window as possible and this is done by assessing the windows individually to produce a detailed quotation.

If you’d like to investigate restoring your sash windows, call free phone 0800 0277 454 for more information, or to arrange a free, no-obligation survey and quotation.