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Stop and look up!

I was on the train this morning sat at one of those Union-Jack-e13408437704664 seat tables by myself, revelling in the leg space and peace, quietly reading my book and avoiding eye contact with the general public as is the fashion. The train stopped at a station and a gaggle of college students, 16 or 17 years old, tumbled onto the train in a cacophony of blaring tinny music and cloud of Lynx deodorant.

They dispersed around the carriage and three of them sat at my table and started talking about last night’s X-Factor or Britain’s got no talent or some other such assault on the senses.

I swiped a figure across my iPad and delved back into my book. I didn’t resurface until I heard the boy say “Did you watch the Graham Norton Show?… it was amazing” with far too many a’s and z’s in the word. “Will Smith was on it and this guy called Carlton, I never even knew Will Smith did TV!”

I rolled my eyes and fretted about the fact that people born in 1997 can be fully formed adults.

The student continued “Apparently he used to be in a show called the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or something and this Carlton guy did a dance” One of the girls chimed in “Yeah it’s meant to be really famous or something, I’m going to sky+ the whole series now… I think it’s amaaazzzzing too”

Thankfully my stop came into view so I said “excuse me this is my stop” in the most manly and authoritative tone I could muster and then had to do that embarrassing bum hop to move from the window seat to the aisle seat. As I strode down the train platform I imagined the trio where talking about other new things they’d seen like Knight Rider or the Cosby Show.

And so in a very tenuous and roundabout way this brings me to the point of today’s blog. We all walk around often oblivious to the beautiful works of architecture that are all around us. Crane your neck backwards in any city (apart from Milton Keynes) and you’ll see intricately carved stone work and Victorian timber windows and other period features that you walk past every day without noticing.

Some people may argue that these parts of our cities should be replaced with new efficient and eco-friendly alternatives. At Ventrolla we fight to preserve those wonderful links to our past, those marvellous works of craftsmanship that you simple don’t see any more on modern buildings.

Ventrolla’s timber sash window renovation service using our patented perimeter sealing system means we can all benefit from the best of both worlds. Period timber windows that have all the energy performance and sound deadening abilities of a modern uPVC unit yet still preserve their unique charm and heritage.

To find out more about how Ventrolla can help you live in a comfortable draught and rattle free home call us today on 0800 0277 454 or visit www.ventrolla.co.uk.

Oh, and the TV’s shows and culture of my youth should be taught to today’s youth so I don’t have to feel old and annoyed on the train.

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