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As the market leader and nationwide timber window renovation specialist, Ventrolla are strong believers in restoration over replacement and are sending out an SOS – Save Our Sashes!

Save our Sash Windows

There are many reasons why we should keep sash windows – as both industry experts and savvy homeowners are well aware.

Sash windows have been, and continue to be, a key architectural element of any building, adding character and charm to properties since the seventeenth century. Maintaining these features retains our built heritage, something that us Britons are extremely proud of and renowned for around the world.

However, preserving history is not the only reason for wanting to retain period timber sash windows, there are many practical ones too.

Firstly, it’s environmentally friendly. Replacing a sash window with uPVC has a huge impact on the environment, with the whole life and manufacturing cost having a payback period of over 80 years. Not to mention, disposing the product at the end of its life means sending it to landfill. In fact, renovation uses 1/40th of the energy of replacement because you are retaining the invested energy from the original manufacturing process.

Secondly, they can be upgraded to modern energy efficiency standards with a high performing weather seal such as the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS). There is no need to buy new windows to retain heat because the VPSS tackles the draughts, sealing all gaps surrounding the windows helping to keep the warmth in, the cold out and your heating bills down.

And thirdly, renovated sash windows can add value to your property. A report carried out by Arad Consulting and Cardiff Business School, and championed by English Heritage, consulted Estate Agents who said they are more likely to place a premium on heritage features in housing and therefore expect properties with these features to fetch a higher market price.

So, should these plus points appeal to you, then starting with a free, no-obligation window condition report from Ventrolla is recommended to get your windows up to scratch. The priority is to keep as much of the original window as possible and this is done by assessing the windows individually to produce a detailed quotation.

If you’d like to investigate restoring your sash windows, call free phone 0800 0277 454 for more information, or to arrange a free, no-obligation survey and quotation.