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Over the last 25 years, Ventrolla has always worked by the philosophy of renovation over replacement and are thrilled that Sarah Beeny shares the same values. In the February issue of Period Ideas, on sale in January, Sarah is quoted as saying:

“Simply repairing rather than replacing is always the best thing for a period building – and for your pocket!”

Sarah has recently led by example as we saw her restore the crumbling mansion, Rise Hall into an elegant family home and wedding venue in the Channel Four series, Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare.

Many would have left this Grade II* listed Georgian building to fall to pieces but Sarah took on the challenge and invited Ventrolla along to help her tackle the 149 rotting sash windows.

Replacement wasn’t an option in Sarah’s eyes, as she wanted to preserve the heritage of Rise Hall and bring it to life once again as an exquisite period building.

With the windows weathered and damaged, husband Graham was skeptical about the results that could be achieved with renovation.

But Ventrolla’s expertise and unique draught proofing Perimeter Sealing System gave the windows a new lease of life. And with Ventrolla’s Sash Removal System also installed, Sarah and Graham will be able to easily maintain them for generations to come.

This type of renovation allowed Sarah to not only save 149 sash windows but achieve her aim of preserving a piece of history – and well within budget.


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