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As our environmental awareness grows more acute, it is becoming more important than ever to do our bit to sustain the resources of the planet.

Accoya Treated Softwood

Ventrolla takes its eco credentials seriously – demonstrated by using revolutionary treated softwood, Accoya.
Accoya is the perfect solution to using over-exploited – and now scarce – tropical hardwoods. Technology transforms sustainably-sourced and fast growing softwoods by giving them the properties of hardwood.

This process is entirely non-toxic and enhances the durability, strength and life of the softwood, with such longevity further helping to lower carbon emissions.

The science bit!

This is achieved through changing the free hydroxyls within the wood into acetyl groups by reacting the wood with acetic acid (a concentrated version of vinegar). This changes the physical properties of the wood, greatly reducing the ability of the wood to absorb water, and making it more stable.

The result is a robust, technologically-advanced, environmentally-sound product which is guaranteed to deliver.
The treated softwood should not rot, but customers can be reassured with a 50 year manufacturing guarantee alongside Ventrolla’s own five year guarantee.

Ventrolla offers Accoya as an option when new sills are required and for replacement sash windows.
Offering Accoya treated softwood is part of Ventrolla’s wider commitment to doing all it can to help the environment and stay green.

Read more at www.accoya.com or contact us to find out more.