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Late June saw the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures hitting 30 degrees across many parts of the UK.
On hot summer days, it is always welcoming to open the windows and allow the fresh air to ventilate your home, but frustrating if you can’t because your sash windows are stuck shut.

Ventrolla Sash Window

If like us, you are hoping for many more scorching days in the weeks ahead and are hopeful that UK summers will sizzle in the future then now is the time to turn your attention to your sash windows.

If your sashes are not operating as they should it is worth investing to get them back to tip top condition. Many people suffer for years with sash windows completely stuck shut, painted over, and unable to function in the warmer months of the year, whilst others are enjoying the benefits of Ventrolla renovated sash windows.

A thorough overhaul from Ventrolla, the timber window renovation specialists, will have your sash windows fully operational again in no time! Pulleys and cords are serviced, or replaced where necessary, and the sashes re-balanced and re-hung to allow for smooth operation.

Ventrolla’s unique Perimeter Sealing System is then installed to draught proof the sashes, thus eliminating draught and rattles and improving energy efficiency.

Once renovated by Ventrolla, no longer will you feel stifled in your own home and can make the most of the summer feeling!

Call free phone 0800 0277 454 or visit www.ventrolla.co.uk for more information, or to arrange a free, no-obligation survey and quotation.