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Is double glazing really the most cost effective solution to heat retention in your home?

Trying to cut down on energy bills is a top priority for most homeowners. One of the most common ways people believe they can make their houses more energy efficient is by having double glazed windows.

It would seem that this would be a logical change to make with some reports suggesting that double glazing can cut heat loss by half, but is this strictly true?

Ventrolla have always championed renovation over double glazing. They strongly believe it is the best solution for retaining heat whilst saving money – the draught proofing will stop any warmth escaping thus making the windows more energy efficient.

Confusedaboutenergy.co.uk has explored the long held belief that double glazing saves you money on energy bills. They found this type of investment will take a long time to pay off – in the region of 80 years! This is based on the installation of double glazed windows costing around £5000.

Confusedaboutenergy.co.uk stresses a decision to have double glazing fitted should not be based on the idea that it will save you money.
There are other options available which are equally effective at retaining heat and reducing bills. Renovation is one of the favoured alternatives suggested by confusedaboutenergy.co.uk.

As window specialists for more than 25 years, Ventrolla offer a bespoke renovation service for timber sliding sash and casement windows. Using their unique Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) Ventrolla draught proof casement windows, timber doors and sash windows, which can significantly reduce heat loss, lowering your heating cost as well as your carbon footprint.

In addition, for homeowners living in listed buildings or conservation areas that would like to preserve the heritage and improve the value of their property, the Ventrolla system is the perfect solution.

With extensive experience of working on historic buildings, the treatment will offer the same solution to reduce heat loss and energy bills.

For further details about the article, visit: http://confusedaboutenergy.co.uk/index.php/heat-loss-and-insulation/double-glazing

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