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Enjoy reduced VAT rate on energy saving materials

While the government has confirmed a rise in the standard rate of VAT to 20%, a number of energy saving materials still qualify for a significantly reduced amount of tax.

This lower rate remains unchanged at 5% and is designed to encourage more widespread use of green materials in domestic building projects.

Draught insulation around windows and doors qualifies for the 5% rate, both in relation to the cost of the materials and the installation work.  This includes the installation of the unique Perimeter Sealing System provided by Ventrolla as a way of improving the performance and energy efficiency of traditional wooden sash windows.

There are a number of other energy-saving materials and equipment that qualify for 5% VAT, such as wall and loft insulation, solar panels, water turbines and wood fuelled boilers.  Your building contractor should be able to clarify exactly what work attracts the reduced rate.

It is worth remembering that secondary or double glazing isn’t covered by the scheme. Neither is new joinery including replacement sills, sashes or complete window units.

Ventrolla can assist with the renovation of sliding sash windows, casement windows and timber doors on all manner of period properties.

Renovation often works out significantly cheaper than outright replacement, while also helping the homeowner retain original features – which is always desirable when it comes to resale.

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