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Monthly Archives: July 2010

No more noisy windows

Ventrolla London Commercial, the sash window renovation specialist, has successfully completed an £80,000 project on 44 residential flats in Greenwich.

VPSS noise reduction

The company renovated 474 windows over a three month period in order to correct a number of problems with energy retention and ambient noise.

The flats were originally part of a Victorian school which was converted 10 years ago. The windows, however, were not renovated at the time.

Now Ventrolla has refurbished all windows at the premises with many of the sash casements being totally removed and repaired.

Sound proofing was a key factor in the project with residents keen to see the issue of noisy windows finally resolved.

Ventrolla installed its award winning Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) into the gap surrounding the window sashes, which then eradicates rattles and also reduces draughts and dirt ingress.

Martin Northey, project surveyor at Collinstown Construction, which oversaw the scheme, said: “This particular project needed to be handled with the utmost of care as the residents were still occupying their homes while work took place.

“To keep things running as smoothly as possible, all communication went through liaison officers who booked appointments with the 44 residents for Ventrolla to work on their windows.

“We are extremely pleased with the improvements Ventrolla’s sealing system has made to the performance of the windows in the flats. The project ran without any hitches and all of the residents were thoroughly impressed with the final results.”

RIBA approved CPD worth double points

RIBA CPD Network


Replacing windows can result in unnecessary complications, higher costs to the client, loss of the building’s character and a negative impact on the environment.

Approved by RIBA and worth double points, Ventrolla now run two CPDs, each outlining the benefit of window renovation over replacement, including the following:

The Alternative to Window Replacement: Renovating and Improving Original Sliding Sash Windows:
•    Alternative to window replacement – renovation vs. replacement
•    Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing, Swing Sash and Sash Removal Systems
•    Demonstration of Ventrolla System on model window

Window Renovation and the Green Facts:
•    Window Performance (U-Values, G-Values and Air-change rates)
•    Independent Testing
•    Building Regulations Part L – windows and change of use
•    HIPs and Energy Certificates
•    Energy Consumption – Carbon footprint of renovation vs. replacement
•    Demonstration of Ventrolla System on model window

Contact Us to arrange a RIBA Approved CPD Presentation.

It's oh so quiet……..

Ventrolla PSS reduces noise levels

Sliding sash windows normally require at least 3mm of perimeter gap to slide properly. In an average sized window of 1.2m x 1.8m, the aggregate gap area would be 15cms x 15cms, amounting to 1% of the area of the window.

The Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) eliminates this air gap and, under live tests, achieved a noise reduction in the 6 – 10dB range which, in acoustic terms is deemed as ‘significant’.

Whilst VPSS can provide a positive impact on noise reduction, this should be viewed as an added benefit rather than as a solution to a particular external noise problem. For such problems, secondary glazing options should be considered.

Find out more about our indepentant testing and our green accreditations


The Gants Hill Library

Ventrolla have just completed repairs on 12 period timber windows at Gants Hill Library in Ilford.

It took three months to complete and involved extensive repairs to the building’s original art deco features, including a number of architectural glass roof lights and the parquet flooring.

Paula Garsdon, marketing manager for Bolt & Heeks, said: “The library dates back to 1938 and it was important to carry out maintenance work in a way that was sympathetic to its origins.

“We liaised closely with the Borough’s conservation officer and carefully selected partners, including Ventrolla, who specialise in dealing with historic buildings.

Enjoy reduced VAT rate on energy saving materials

While the government has confirmed a rise in the standard rate of VAT to 20%, a number of energy saving materials still qualify for a significantly reduced amount of tax.

This lower rate remains unchanged at 5% and is designed to encourage more widespread use of green materials in domestic building projects.

Draught insulation around windows and doors qualifies for the 5% rate, both in relation to the cost of the materials and the installation work.  This includes the installation of the unique Perimeter Sealing System provided by Ventrolla as a way of improving the performance and energy efficiency of traditional wooden sash windows.

There are a number of other energy-saving materials and equipment that qualify for 5% VAT, such as wall and loft insulation, solar panels, water turbines and wood fuelled boilers.  Your building contractor should be able to clarify exactly what work attracts the reduced rate.

It is worth remembering that secondary or double glazing isn’t covered by the scheme. Neither is new joinery including replacement sills, sashes or complete window units.

Ventrolla can assist with the renovation of sliding sash windows, casement windows and timber doors on all manner of period properties.

Renovation often works out significantly cheaper than outright replacement, while also helping the homeowner retain original features – which is always desirable when it comes to resale.

A useful article about period sash windows from Winchester council

The article focuses on tradition sash windows from the 18th and 19th century, as well as;

  • The Historic Development of the Sash Window
  • The Importance of Historic Detail
  • Repairing Historic Sash Windows

You can also find the contact details for the conservation department where you can find out more about planning permissions and renovating in a listed building or conservation area.

To read the full article, please visit the Winchester Council website


Golfing to promote disability sports

Tony Dee, from our Ventrolla Staffs and Salop branch, is hoping local golfers will club together to help raise awareness of opportunities in the sport for disabled people.

Tony has teamed up with the Disabled Golf Society and the English Blind Golf Association to stage a charity golf day on 2 September.

It takes place at Severn Meadows Golf Club in Bridgnorth and is open to able bodied and disabled players alike.

To read this article in full, and contact Tony please click through to our News and Press pages.