William Shakespeare's 450th Birthday

William Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday

To mark St George’s Day, here at Ventrolla we think it’s the perfect time to celebrate English heritage.

As period window specialists, our business revolves around buildings dating back as far as the Georgian era, we admire the unique nature and charm that windows bring to these properties and safeguarding history is an important aspect of the work we do.

Our commitment to conservation means that Ventrolla craftsmen use traditional carpentry techniques that ensure the windows maintain original features and we are proud of our involvement in some fantastic projects over the
last 30 years including Glebe House, Gloucestershire, Newcastle High School, Newcastle upon Tyne and Rise Hall, East Yorkshire.

Therefore we wish everyone a Happy St George’s Day both in England and our neighbouring countries.

Also, and perhaps you didn’t realise this but, another historical character shares this day – it’s the great English playwright William Shakespeare’s birthday – 450 years young! So with apologies to the Bard we’ll leave you with one of his best known quotes about windows.

As Romeo almost said: “But soft! What light through yonder [sash] window breaks?”
Have a nice day.


In celebration of St Georges Day, here’s a rather appropriate case study from the vaults.


St Georges Hall, Liverpool.Attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship were the order of the day when Ventrolla Lancashire oversaw the restoration of 75 original oak sliding sash windows at St George’s Hall, which is Grade I Listed, houses the city’s Heritage Centre and dates back to the mid 1800s.

Using their sash window expertise, Ventrolla set up a workshop on site to carry out accurate scarfing and splicing-in of oak sections and, sticking to its principle of minimum intervention, managed to retain as much of the original window timber as possible.

The team worked inconjunction with Contractor, Mowlem Plc and Architect, Purcell Miller Tritton, who were responsible for delivering the £23 million restoration of St George’s Hall as part of the preparations for Liverpool’s year as “European City of Culture”.

Additional work to the windows included replacing damaged or non-original glass, fitting new sash cords, replacing damaged sills and rebalancing each sash. The original brass centre catches and sash pulls were also cleaned and re-finished, plus new oak staff and parting beads were installed.

Read the full case study here.


450 Timber Windows Renovated

450 Timber Windows Renovated

Army personnel at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, have saluted the renovation work carried out to their Berkshire training college by Ventrolla South East.

After the existing windows, dating back to 1862, were given their marching orders due to their poor condition, the timber renovation specialists were drafted in to upgrade the ageing sashes.

Read the full story here.



Red-briefcaseA recent BBC report predicts that the Chancellor, George Osborne, is likely to announce in the upcoming budget abandonment to further increase the Carbon Price Floor, which could cut as much as £50 off consumer energy bills by 2020.

As an initiative designed to encourage investment in green energy and penalise companies acting detrimentally to the environment, a freeze to the Carbon Price Floor (CPF) can only be a positive thing.

As a survey carried out by the BBC revealed, energy bills are the biggest worry for households. More people are concerned about paying utility bills or council tax than any other expenditure, followed by the cost of food then the cost of petrol and diesel.

As period window specialists, here at Ventrolla we’re only too aware of the negative impact energy prices can have and the increased importance of taking energy efficiency measures.

To help cut down energy bills further, plus solving draughty and rattling windows, the unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) not only draught-proofs the window but also reduces external noise and heat loss.

With more than 30 years experience in the manufacture, installation and renovation of original timber sash windows, we guarantee renovating your sashes can increase their energy efficiency by around 30 per cent.

To find out more about Ventrolla’s services, call free on 0800 378 278 or click www.ventrolla.co.uk/downloads to download a copy of our new brochure.


Ventrolla-RIBAConstruction professionals will now find it easier to access information about the full range of Ventrolla products and services, following the addition of 7 new product specifications to the RIBA Product Selector and the National Building Specification (NBS) websites.

Marketing Manager of Ventrolla, Christian Walker, said: “Specification is a vital part of the design process and so the new Ventrolla product listings now available on the RIBA Product Selector and NBS Plus websites will be a great source of information for Architects and other construction professionals.”

The new product information includes:
Sash & Casement Window Renovation & Draught-Proofing – Ventrolla craftsmen retain the original charm and character of sash windows with the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) and Sash Removal System (SRS), eradicating draughts, rattles, external noise and increasing energy efficiency.

Double Glazed Replacement Sashes – Purpose build double-glazed units replace original single-glazed panes, giving a solution which is aesthetically considerate to a property’s heritage, without major disruption.

New Double Glazed Windows – Purpose built double-glazed windows for replacing original single-glazed installations, reducing energy costs and making future maintenance easier.

Secondary Glazing – Has all the benefits of modern and efficient double-glazed windows without the need to replace. These leave existing windows untouched and intact and are particularly useful for conservation projects and listed buildings.

Christian continues: “Ventrolla has been manufacturing and supplying quality products to the trade and public for over 30 years. As the inventors of the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) and the Sash Removal System (SRS), we are widely recognised as the industry leaders, and with the introduction of these new product specifications we can now offer Architects and construction professionals an even more comprehensive service.”

To find out more about the specialist services that Ventrolla offer or to start a project specification, visit ribaproductselector.com or thenbs.com.


small-seconday-glazing-screen-grabVentrolla has launched a new website, offering expert help and advice on choosing the right secondary glazing solution for your property.

Featuring news of Ventrolla’s new discreet secondary glazing systems, the website www.ventrolla.co.uk/secondary-glazing answers all possible questions about these innovative glazing products and the many benefits they offer.

Certified in waterproofing, air permeability, acoustic and thermal savings, the new glazing systems are not only energy-efficient but also cost effective and easy to install.

Added benefits include noise-reduction, maintaining the original windows’ integrity and the building’s aesthetic features – suited for listed properties and those within conservation areas.

Ventrolla’s window renovation and draught-proofing systems are also approved for use by English Heritage, Historic Scotland and CADW in Wales.

Marketing Manager of Ventrolla, Christian Walker, said: “We are very pleased to present our new website, which has been produced to make it easy for consumers to find out all they need to know about secondary glazing.

“We have become aware of a notable increase in demand for secondary glazing and greater information about these products, and have listened carefully to our customers’ needs when producing the content for this new website.

“There are many misconceptions when it comes to this topic, so with the new site we aim to make things much clearer when renovating period windows with secondary glazing.”

To find out more about Ventrolla’s services, call FREE on 0800 0277 454 or visit www.ventrolla.co.uk.



Chris Herrington, Technical Surveyor, Ventrolla

Chris Herrington, Technical Surveyor, Ventrolla

This month Ventrolla will be on the move once more to offer advice and guidance on our favorite topic – sash windows.

Our expert team will be making the trip to attend the Listed Property Owners Club Show in London, to spread the word once again about our fantastic products and services.

Being held at Olympia London, on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th February, the show aims to bring together experts, architects and planners to chat with listed property owners and all those in need of information on renovation projects.

Ventrolla will be displaying a life-size replica of a double-glazed window, giving guests the chance to see for themselves how replacement sashes look in the flesh.

Managing Director David Greaves and expert Technical Surveyor Chris Herrington will be on hand to offer help and advice, giving demonstrations and leading discussions on topics such as the unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) for draught-proofing windows and the Sash Removal System (SRS), which allows easy painting and future maintenance.

Bringing together over 150 leading experts and the  industry’s very best, the annual event is essential for those wishing to make modifications to a listed property or seeking reassurance for renovation work.

So, if you are heading down to the show, visit Ventrolla on stand E34 for some one-to-one advice on plans and projects you may be thinking about for your property.

To register for your free place, visit the Listed Property Owners Club Show or to find out more about Ventrolla’s services call free on 0800 378 278 or click www.ventrolla.co.uk/downloads to download a copy of our new brochure.




The best tips to reduce heating bills are being unveiled across the UK, as the Big Energy Saving Week sweeps across the nation, busting some of our favourite energy saving myths as it goes.

A survey commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust, as part of the seven day event finishing this Friday (31st January), found that almost half of Scottish homeowners think it is cheaper to leave their heating on all day on low rather than turning it up and down, or on and off, when needed.

Mike Thornton, Director of Energy Saving Trust Scotland, dismissed the theory in an article in the Scotsman, saying that only having the heating on when needed “ensures heat is not wasted and your home will be a comfortable temperate”.

It is estimated that a whopping £369 million is wasted collectively by the Scots due to this misconception.

Other fables dispelled this week are that electric heaters are as energy efficient as radiators and that cranking up the thermostat will heat a room quicker – when in fact both are false.

Here at Ventrolla we are well aware that heat is lost if a building has poorly maintained windows. Draughts and rattles can cause great amounts of heat to be lost which can swiftly become a very costly problem.

Yet it’s a little known fact that simple solutions, such as installing the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS), can improve a window’s energy rating by up to 30%. The Ventrolla system ensures that all the gaps around the sashes are filled, creating a fully sealed sash or casement window.

It’s no myth that this upgrade can lead to improved efficiency and lower heating bills.

To find out more about Ventrolla’s services, call free on 0800 378 278 or click www.ventrolla.co.uk/downloads to download a copy of our new brochure.


Npower Paul Massara

Paul Massara – Npower Chief Executive

Energy supplier Npower has released a report which, it says, shows that ‘old and draughty’ homes are the reason why gas and electricity bills in the UK are so high.

And, in its Energy Explained report, the company warns householders they need to take efficiency measures or face further increases, with improvements to the nation’s energy infrastructure adding to costs.

Npower chief executive Paul Massara said the actual unit prices of gas and electricity in the UK are among the lowest in Europe but bills are high ‘because British houses waste so much energy’.

As period window specialists, here at Ventrolla we’re only too aware of the negative impact poorly maintained windows can have on a home.

While the rattles and draughts have you reaching for an extra jumper, the high cost of heating gets you hot under the collar!

To solve draughty windows and reduce heat loss, we install the unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS).

With our more than 30 years experience in the manufacture, installation and renovation of original timber sash windows, we can guarantee renovating your sashes can increase their energy efficiency by around 30 per cent.

Looking after your precious windows and taking other efficiency measures, such as properly insulating your loft, can make a real difference to your energy costs.

To find out more about Ventrolla’s services, call Freephone 0800 378 278 or click www.ventrolla.co.uk/downloads to download a copy of our new brochure.


King George 1stNo doubt you will be aware that this year marks the centenary of the First World War, but perhaps less well-known is the 300th anniversary of the Georgian era.

It has been three centuries since the Hanoverian succession – when the crown of England, Scotland and Wales passed to a German prince in 1714, George elector of Hanover.

Institutions such as the British Library will be celebrating the centenary with a show-stopping exhibition covering the reigns of Georges I to IV, from 1714 to 1830.

But here at Ventrolla we too are acknowledging this fascinating era of architecture, a style that has inspired our business and is integral to our period feature products.

Typical of most Georgian houses, sash windows are a key feature to properties with nine to 12 panes per window on the main floors and six panes on the upper floors – the latter primarily used for servants quarters and a way to reduce window tax in the 1800s.
Other design features celebrated are the chimneys on both sides of the home and the portico in the middle of the roof.

We have been lucky enough to help renovate some truly beautiful Georgian properties including Leversdown House in Taunton, Dunsley House in Kinver, South Staffordshire and Wimbrick House in Ormskirk, Lancashire, all proud additions to our portfolio.

Having just celebrated a big birthday too – our 30th anniversary – we will be sure to raise a toast to the Georgian period and the unique and innovative approach to architecture that this era has gifted Britain.